Swinging Stars

The Swinging Stars dance at the Roger Bryan Elementary School located at 8255 West Katie Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89147

From the President
Thank you to all that came out to support our Halloween Dance! Vern did a wonderful job keeping us in the SCARY spirit of the night!

Our class of thirteen students is moving right along. We can always use Angels so plan to come out and help on Tuesdays from 6:30 to 9:00 pm @ Roger Bryan Elementary, 8255 W. Katie Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89147

Due to our school being used for voting we will be dark on November 6th for class and November 7th for our club dance.
Plan to come dance with us on our November 14th theme night. This month's theme is Celebrate Fall Harvest .

The December theme night on the 12th is Sleigh Bells Ring.
Linda Pruter
Swinging Stars President
(702) 280-4090
Dance Schedule


Nov 07: DARK for voting
Nov 14: Club Dance/Birthday Night
               Celebrate Fall Harvest

Nov 21: DARK - Thanksgiving
Nov 28: Club Dance

Dec 05: Club Dance/Birthday Night
Dec 12: Sleigh Bells Ring
Dec 19: Club Dance
Dec 26: DARK school closed

Nov 03  Deborah Van Matre
Nov 09  Mickey Yousef
Nov 14  Stephenie Smith
Nov 15  Irene Smith
Nov 18  Joan Dreyer
Nov 21  Ernie LaFerney
Nov 23  Rosie Buck
Nov 22  Mike Ritchey
Nov 25  Frank Plessis
Nov 26  Sandi Stewart

Dec 02  Coral White
Dec 04  Max Shindler
Dec 08  Sharon McNary
Dec 11  Connie Laudeman
Dec  22  Marnee Foldoe

Club Officers

President:            Linda Pruter                           (702) 280-4090
Vice President:   Rosie & John Buck                 (310) 739-7673
Treasurer:           Mike & Carol Ritchey            (702) 228-4442
Secretary:           Mary & Ernie LaFerney         (702) 256-1702

Club Contact: Ron Plummer: [email protected]

Dance Flyers

Fall Harvest 11-14                             Sleigh Bells Ring 12- 12