Swinging Stars

The Swinging Stars dance at the Roger Bryan Elementary School located at 8255 West Katie Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89147

From the President
What a great year to be a member of the square dance community! I am truly thankful for all of  the  support that the Swinging Stars are getting from everyone participating in our dances. Would you believe at our last theme dance of Watermelon Crawl we had 47 square dancers present and it was 110 degrees outside!! Way to go dancers!!

Welcome to our 5 new members: Connie Campbell, Pat Jackson, Howard Reinstein, and Jerry & Cheryl Thomas.

We are dancing at our summer location until July 25th. We are dark in August until August 29th when we resume at Roger Bryan Elementary.

          Desert Springs Senior Living
          6650 W Flamingo Rd.
          Las Vegas, NV 89103

Our theme dance on July 18th - "The Dog Days of Summer" Come Hungry—We’re serving Hot Dogs & Chips!
Linda Pruter
Swinging Stars President
(702) 280-4090
Dance Schedule


July 04    DARK
July 11    Club Dance/Birthday Night for July and
                August Birthdays
July 18    Dog Days of Summer
July 25    Club Dance

We are dark in August until the 29th when we resume with a Let’s Dance theme at:

Roger Bryan Elementary
8255 W. Katie Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89147
Jul 04: Ruth Leslie
Jul 06: Hester Kremer
Jul 18: Bette Green
Jul 27: Sandee Leonard

Aug 05: Dale Thompson
Aug 10: Teri Harbour

Aug 16: Shawnee Jones
Aug 23: Elaine German
Aug 30: Joanne Rogstad
Club Officers

President:            Linda Pruter                           (702) 280-4090
Vice President:   Rosie & John Buck                 (310) 739-7673
Treasurer:           Mike & Carol Ritchey            (702) 228-4442
Secretary:           Mary & Ernie LaFerney         (702) 256-1702

Club Contact: Ron Plummer: RonPlummer@cox.net

Dance Flyers

     July 18 - Dog Days of Summer         August 29 - Let's Dance